Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

How to Get Rid of Baby Runny Nose Naturally and Fast

When a common cold attack the little one, it will make your heart melt and feel sad. You see your baby feels agitated because of a runny nose and congestion.

You can certainly feel, how tormenting this condition, moreover, it is experienced by your own baby. As a mother, you might be a little confused, considering your baby do not have the ability to discard his own snot. So, what you should do. Let's read on an explanation of how to get rid of the baby runny nose.

The Causes of Runny Nose

Common cold is a condition that indicates there is inflammation in the nasal cavity which is usually caused by the virus of Rhinovirus. However, there are also other causes that can lead to a common cold, which are bacteria and allergies, but both of these causes are less common.

But when a cold that is caused by bacteria attacking your baby, it is marked by a cold condition that is difficult to improve for more than seven days.

Unlike a cold which is caused by the virus, to cure it, you simply provide the vitamins and nutritious foods to improve your baby's immune system, do not forget to encourage your baby and kids to take more sleep and drink fluids a lot. That’s would make them to have fast recovery.

Keep your baby away from people who are affected by a cold, would be appropriate and necessary action to prevent from being infected, considering the virus responsible for a cold is highly contagious.

To obtain the proper treatment, you also need to recognize the type of a cold suffered by your baby, because there are two types of a cold, which is accompanied by a runny nose and nasal congestion.

Is the Common Cold Harmful

Basically, your baby’s body may do a response against invading of foreign objects, either from viruses or other causes that is lead to condition of a cold, so when having a cold, it will generally heal on its own, and it will not take long, about seven days or a week, or even can be less than seven days, depending on the condition of your baby's body.

If you find your baby has common cold more than seven days, consult a pediatrician immediately to determine whether there are other things that cause the cold, such as allergy.

Never underestimate when your baby has a cold which is difficult to recover. There is a possibility of the symptoms of sinusitis or sinusitis complications and otitis which is suffered by the little one.

When the children is five years old or less, they are more susceptible to inflammation of the middle ears (otitis media), it is because the distance from the nose to the ear drum is still short. Once they have a cold that is take a long time, it will affect the ear and the hearing of the little one.

How to Get Rid of Baby Runny Nose

1. Use a Vacuum Snot  

Remember, your baby can not pull out his snot inside the nose by himself. Maintaining the cleanliness of the vacuum is needs to be done, after using it, wash off the vacuum to clean and stored in a dry place for reuse.
2. OTC (Over the Counter) Medicine

This treatment is intended for children with age of two years or more, give the OTC medications that is formulated for the little one.
3. Use Disposable Tissues

Using disposable tissues to remove mucus from your child, this can be done if the child is able to blow his own snot. But do not use a handkerchief, as it can become a nesting place of infectious germs.
4. Consult Pediatrician

Visiting the pediatrician is necessary when your child's age is still below one year, the doctor will usually prescribe the medication in the form of drops (liquid).

How to Get Rid of Baby Stuffy Nose

  • Use a Warm Balm

Apply warm balm around the back, neck and chest, it aimed to help ease congestion for the little one. So many studies had proven about this treatment, thus don’t hesitate to use on your child.

  • Sleep on One Side

Help your baby if still in 6 months old or younger, to position his sleep on one side or stomach. To help open the airway and relieving the nose. For children with age of 1 year and more, you can apply a warm balm around the neck, chest and back to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

  • Steaming

Prepare warm water in a basin and let the steam inhaled by your child to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

  • Don’t Use Extra Ingredients

Avoid adding herbal oil, freshly squeezed orange juice and warmers in warm water vapor, these ingredients will lead to irritation and other symptoms such as breathlessness and cough, thus worsening the condition of the little one.

  • Use Nasal Saline Drops

Once your child awake at night because of a stuffy nose, immediately apply, nasal drops made of saline solution. You can buy in a drug store in your town. Avoid the use of homemade saline solution as it can be bad for the little one.


That was ten ways to get rid of a runny nose and congestion for your baby. You can apply in accordance with the age of your child. Do not forget to always keep your baby's health by providing healthy food intake.